Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Web Calculator Exercise 5

Web Calculator Exercise 5 1. A tec is implicated in comparing the effectiveness of ternion divers(prenominal) kinds of therapy for raise problems. Eight participants are randomly assigned to three preaching conditions: Cognitive Therapy (CT), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Interpersonal Therapy (IT). All participants complete the periodic handling for 8 weeks. Participants take an impatience show forrader and later the 8-week treatments. Each participants difference agree up (= anger score after the treatment negative () anger score before the treatment) is shown in the following table. The three therapists in this prove have equal educational levels and clinical experiences. a. What statistical test should be used to analyze the entropy? One style randomized ANOVA b. Identify the Ho and Ha for this study. The Ho would be that there is no working difference between the soaked scores of CT, CBT, and IT. The Ha would be that there is a sig nificant difference between the guess scores of the CT, CBT, and IT. c. Conduct the appropriate analysis. | CT| CBT| IT| 1| 3| 5| 7| 2| 4| 4| 8| 3| 4| 6| 9| 4| 4| 6| 10| 5| 3| 5| 6| 6| 8| 4| 7| 7| 6| 9| 11| 8| 2| 7| 10| n| 8| 8| 8| X| 4.250| 5.750| 8.500| s| 1.909| 1.669| 1.773| Xave| 6.
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167|  | source| df| SS| MS| F| P-value| treatments| 2| 74.333| 37.167| 11.6493| 0.0004| error| 21| 67.000| 3.190|  | total| 23| 141.333| | | | tiny Value F (2,21) = 3.467 Website computing device: http://turner.faculty.swau.edu/mathematics/math241/materials/analysis of variance/acalcu late.php d. Should the Ho be jilted? ! What should the researcher conclude? The cipher value of F statistic is great than the critical value of F, so the null hypothesis should be rejected. 2. A teacher is raise in comparing the make of three different types of story methods (Rote rehearsal, Imagery, and Story) on number of...If you exigency to get a intact essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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