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Observing a mathematics lesson

Observing a mathematics lessonIntroductionThe world in which we hold out is numeral. In our everyday activities we get mathematics for instance there is need in everyone for numerical thinking as well as bother puzzle out in the run awayplace, at home, when in a shopping spree, etcetera In a world of such kind, you notice that those who comprehend and hind end operate mathematics will view immense opportunities that others lack. In fact, mathematical proficiency opens avenues to productive prospects. Conversely, lack of mathematical competency closes those doors. Usually, learners have alter abilities, interests and more fundamentally, needs. Yet each learner requires mathematics in his or her individual life, be it at home, in the workplace, and even in advertize study. All learners deserve a chance to esteem the power and brilliancy of mathematics. pupils should learn a new collection of mathematics nitty-gritty as well as higher level lively-thinking handiness whi ch are critical to problem solution. These permits them to work out fluently, interpret and to unravel puzzles innovatively and resourcefully.The objectives of this lesson is to enable instructors hold suitable strategies employable in problem solving and appropriate forms of mathematical assessment and further the correlation between problem solving and learners achievement. In the lesson, the standards in mathematics with regard puzzle solving are alike looked at, as well as problem solving and assessment in an inclusive setting.In the lesson, several standards put down by the theme Council of Teachers of mathsematics (NCTM) were addressed. The NCTM declares that students need to develop a range of strategies for solving problems, such as using diagrams, looking for patterns, or trying special determine or cases (NCTM, 2000, p. 7). These precept strategies allow learners to comprehend with ease abstract mathematical concepts and deliver these concepts realistic to learners perception. According to Hanson et al (2001), if all learners are outlet to gain knowledge of these strategies, then these strategies should be imbedded in and most significantly be taught across the curriculum. Beside strategies standards, NCTM also establishes the standards for mathematics assessment to help in enhancing encyclopaedism of mathematics and modeling and shaping teacher instruction. As a result, learners need to use assessments as a part of the reflecting process and work together in partnership with the teachers to determine the direction of learning in mathematics (Hanson et al, 2001).The teacher did discriminate instruction within a diverse classroom into mainly high achievers and the low performing learners. In this case, the teacher assailable low achievers to basic skills with limited exposure to operate higher-level problem-solving skills which were left over(p) for the higher performers (Grouws Cebulla, 2000). These low performing learners according to G rouws Cebulla, (2000) need to be exposed to more challenging curricula which provide first hand experience. For instance, rather than handing learners a worksheet, a more interesting puzzle might relate to an investigation of classmates involving the kinds of pets they have. From that basis, the class could create graphs depicting data, find partial comparisons (introduction to ratios and probability) and percents. Technology was not used in the instruction of the math lesson. For more effectiveness and credibly efficiency, technology can be incorporated into this lesson. For instance, the teacher can stimulate use a graphing calculator. This will offer learners an opportunity to collaborate and prove the puzzles to establish the solution, as they would in a real world situation. pedagogics mathematics needs a lot of reference lists. Teachers habitually have reference lists posted in their classrooms during lessons to which students can make reference when confront with a problem -solving situation. Mathematical problem solving indeed is a motley cognitive activity which involves numerous processes as well as strategies (Montague, n.d.). Stages involving worry solving are twofold representation of the problem and problem execution. In the lesson, the teacher used pictures or manipulative objects. Pictures and objects do help make the problems as well as concepts more real and concrete to students as nearly all mathematics concepts are abstract.Modern theories on teaching techniques discourage competition and instead promote collaborative learning. Competition as a teaching strategy demotivates and demoralizes the underperformers. As a teacher, I would shake up the classroom to accommodate more learner-learner interaction. Placing learners into cooperative learning and problem solving situations will promptly increase the interaction between the high-performing and low-performing students with the target of bridging the learning gap. Moreover, I would empl oy use of alternative assessments like portfolios and hands-on projects in order to improve strengths and weaknesses of each individual mathematics students. I would also include modifications like slowing the pace of instruction, reducing the process of thought from problem solving, using flip charts of the involved processes and strategies, and finally teaching from cognise to unknown, concrete to abstract and from simple to complex.ConclusionMathematical problem solving can best be taught by employing cooperative learning technique. Students should be provided with the processes, stages and strategies that make mathematics problem solving simple to learn. Teachers should also tump over providing real life mathematics situations to challenge students, and students will begin to appreciate the necessity and essence to be excellent problem solvers.ReferencesGrouws, D. Cebulla, K. (2000). Improving Student Achievement in math. Geneva, Switzerland International Academy of Educati on International chest of Education, Educational Practices Series -4.Hanson, et al (2001). Should standard calculators be provided in exam situations? An investigation of performance and preference differences. Applied Measurement in Education, 14(1), 59-72. Montague, M. (n.d.). Math problem solving for middle school students with disabilities. The Access Center. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2000). Principles and standards forschool mathematics.

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Securities And Investment Fraud Criminology Essay

Securities And enthronisation Fraud Criminology EssayIt has been a long time since monetary umbrage has been identified and the body of research in this type of issue has been growth rapidly. Today this research provide covers a wide range of effect ranging from pecuniary studies to social implication of the study as well as to research to prevention and best practices that may help to stop this tight growing issue. This chapter will provide an overview of the impact of fiscal umbrage, the steps utilise to address this problem and briefly assess the theories of about pecuniary aversion in the world.Definition and types of pecuniary abominationsThere is no broad concensus on the meaning of financial villainy entirely it shadower be tacit that it is any type of il effective activity that result in an sparingal loss. financial crimes, sometimes defined to as white collar crimes, ar unprovocative sorry acts comitted to gaine nefarious monetary. tally to the United Nation Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) financial crime lot be viewed as any non-violent crime that results in a financial loss which includes calculator crime and dishonourable practices. Financial crimes is a critical issue and it has credibly devastating economic, security and social impact. It encourages drug dealers, terrorists, illegal arm dealer, misdirect public officials and others to operate and expand their criminal enterprises. check to Petter Gottschalk, (2010), financial crime throw out be categoried in corruption, fraud, theft and manipulation . There atomic number 18 different types of financial crime. These types are as fol bustedsMoney LaunderingAccording to Jeffrey Simser, (2006), specie laundering house be defined as a technique designed to make illicit acquisitive gains appear legitimate, normally by disguising the airplane propellers illegal provenance. In other words, culprits are trying to insure the monetary sources obtained from illegal transac tions so that it look like it was acquired from legal sources. Commonly, according to (Schneider, 2004 Cas transporta, 2004), money laundering has been described as a bike taking place in three different forms. Firstly, Placement, the stage at which illegal funds are introduced in the financial system in the main deposited in a bank throwaway.Layering, the stage of the process in which the property is moved around from bank to bank and its ownership and source is covered-up in order to keep it away from its illicit source and the final stage at which the property is re-introduced into the legitimate economy.EmbezzlementAccording to williams (2006), embezzlement can be defined as the dishonest appropriation to individualised aim or benefit of property or money entrusted by another. The factor first comes into possession of the property with the permission of the owner. Embezzlement can often occur between trusted friends or even relatives, but similarly occurs in simple bus inesses as well. Conscientious examination of financial records by the fund owner can help reveal signs of embezzlement, such as missing funds, duplicated checks, or accounting errors.Credit card fraudPickett and Pickett (2002) suggested that creed card fraud is the use of stolen credit card details to rise access to the goods or services in the name of the cardholder. Sometimes a brand new credit card is falsified using known details. card game can be stolen or details obtained from files that are not factorful safe.Securities and investment fraudSecurities fraud is a type of financial crime that is involved in illegal manipulation of values of financial market. It includes insider trading, discriminatory rates, and misrepre displaceation of value. The types of misrepresentation implicated in this crime include providing ill-judged instruction and giving bad advice. Insider trading occurs when a person reveals culture about an investment then uses the information to buy or sell shares with a business. Preferential rates and misrepresentation some(prenominal) implicate inflating or deflating the value of stocks in order to manipulate the market.Investment quality is the Property sold as a certified investment with high returns. The victim is influenced to buy investment property with a property management securely that will deal all the loan documents. The victim reassured and told that he or she has to do nothing other than be the buyer and borrower. thusly the victim finds that the property was sum up in value,no loan payments return perpetually been done, and any collected rents mystify been stolen as well.Identity theft and PhisingLaundon and Laudon (2010) defines individuation theft as a crime in which a pretender gets face-to-face information, such as social security identification numbers, drivers license numbers, or credit card, name, address, drivers license, date of birth, Social Security number, account information, account logi n credentials, or family identifiers to pretend to be someone else.According to Higgins et al., (2008), iIdentity theft is the illegal use of anothers personal identifying information.It implicate financial or other personal information stolen with the intention of to be someone else.Phishing is defined as the engineering science or social engineering used to attract victims to reveal their personal information such as account numbers, login IDs, passwords, and other confirmable information that can then be exploited for illicit purposes, including identity theft. Phishing is approximately often locateed through mass emails and spoofed websites.CounterfeitingCounterfeiting is a pernicious crime as it corrupts the monetary system. Counterfeiting implaicates the use of fake money, such as manufacturing falsely bills and coins with a more valuable version. Therefore, counterfeiting can break up the flow of swelling and deflation by adding more falsely money into a controlled system and also threaten global security, as these activities are sometimes reachted by terrorists and other dangerous criminals to finance their activities or disguise their net (Interpol, 2009). chain armour FraudInternet sales or online auction fraud The perpetrator agrees to buy an item available for sale on the Internet or in an online auction. The seller is told that he or she will be sent an official check (e.g., cashiers check) via overnight mail. When the check arrives, it is several hundred or thousand dollars more than the agreed-upon selling price. The seller is instructed to deposit the check and pay the overpayment. The official check is subsequently returned as a counterfeit but the refund has already been sent. The seller is left with a loss, potentially of both the merchandise and the refund.Bank FraudThis is criminal acts committed in fraternity with nonstarter or liquidationproceeding. A person filing for bankruptcy or a business that has gone into liquidationcan becloud assets after proceedings pee-pee been initiated, thereby preventing creditors fromcollecting their claims. However, most of the criminal acts are typically committedbefore bankruptcy/liquidation proceedings are initiated, e.g. the debtor has failed tokeep accounts or has unlawfully withdrawn money from the business (kokrim, 2008).Bribery and corruptionTHEORIES ON FINANCIAL CRIME WHAT argon THE FACTORS INFLUENCING FINANCIAL CRIME?A speculation is a forecasting or justification of a fact. According to Petter Gottschalk, (2010), the body of research of financial crime is divided into three branchesBehavioral theoriesAccording to Hansen (2009), distinction can be made between economic, business, and elite crimes. Participants employed in reputed financial institutions commit most of such crimes. Employees for their own benefits instead of for the business benefits, commit occupational or greatest crime. Hansen (2009) suggested that people commit crime because of low self-con trol. Duffield and Grabsky (2001) describe some of the key motivational and psychological factors that lead to financial crime. They stated that fraud can be excuseed by three factors1) An change magnitude in motivated criminals,2) The availability of suitable funds, and3) The absence of security.As Nettler find the intensity of desire and the perception of opportunity are personality variables. The labyrinthine sense between desire and opportunity moves. Temptation to steal fluctuates with individual personality and situation (Nettler 1974, p.75).Motivation is, therefore, a combination of an individuals personality and the opportunity which they get. Fraud is mainly committed by motivated and determined organized participants for the only savvy financial benefitsGreedFraud is executed by motivated groups of organize actors determined only for financial profit. According to the Drugs and Crime streak committal of Victoria,an increase in recent years of organised criminals in illicit and suspicious activity implicate mostly external attacks on banks, retirement benefit funds and business. Duffield Grabosky (2001) noted that greed lies at the heart of much dishonest activity in the society.Emerging Trends in ones lifestylePeople are convince to have recourse to financial crime due to the changes in financial condition that exceed their control. Unfortunately some are capitulated to commit illicit act to maintain a good quantity of living.Financial StrainFinancial strain caused by gambling problem is an area of concern (Duffield Grabosky 2001). The cost of suspicious drugs contributes also to financial latent hostility on individuals who take part in them therefore they are tempted to commit crime in order to get money. According to the Drug and Crime Prevention of Victoria, relationship or marital breakdowns causes, both financial and emotional stress which can represent a sudden decrease in the standard of living of an indvidual together with a feeling of powerlessness and resentment, ones can have recourse to financial crime in order to earn a good living.PowerDuffield and Grabosky (2001) noted the desire some people have for power over others and over situations. In other words, the feeling of power over individual appears to be a determined force to behave illicit act by taking advantage on indistinct people.MisunderstandingsPoor communication can arise some form of dishonesty. According to Neville (2000), complaints have been made each year in Victoria against sollicitors for defalcation of assets or income that concern unworthy communication between practitioners and their clients. Practitioners may be found guilty for not following the standard of conduct.Organizational theoriesA financial crime often takes place in form of an organized crime. According to Petter Gottschalk (2010), criminal presidency acts as a monopolistic firm, and the surmisal of monopoly is used to estimate organized crimes. In organized cr ime, Shvarts (2001) suggests that rational choice theory can explain the rise of the Russian mafia that is because of low income and financial difficulties allied with an exploiting police force, they had any choice to have recourse to crime to afford their standard of living. Rational choice theory states that people commit crimes after acknowledging the punishment for the crimes, as well as the rewards of completing these acts successfully. Examples of this theory include the bank teller who is experiencing personal financial difficulty and decides to loot funds from the bank in order to increase his standard of living (Lyman and Potter, 2007).Gross (1978) argued in his classical article on the theory of organizational crime that studies of crime, and delinquency have a vigorous theoretical base. He gave two important theoretical relationships. Firstly, the internal coordinate and setting of organizations is that in order for the goals to be acheived , the organization will be forced to violate the rules and regulation set in the business. Secondly, the perpetrators will have-to doe with with the upward mobility of the organization and likely willing and able to commit crime for the business to attain its goals and to prosper.Bruinsma and Bernasco (2004) used social network theory to explain the differences in social organization between criminal groups that is criminal organization have a network structure which is related to the legal and financial risks associated with the crimesManagerial theoriesAccording to Eisenhardt (1985), agency theory is involved with agreeing two problems that can occur in agency relationships. Firstly, the agency problem arises when the desires or goals of the chief and agent disaccord and it is fuzzy and costly for the principal to verify what the agent is doing. Secondly, is the problem of risk sharing that take place when the principal and agent have different risk preferences, goals and do not share profits which occur due to accessibility of new technology. Garoupa (2007) adapted agency theory to criminal organizations. He categorized the criminal firm as a family business with one principal and several agents. Alliance theory is implicated with partnership,often happens in criminal organizations, it reduce the risk of incompetent legal provision. confide is an important factor in partnerships. Criminal organizations are often establish on trust between its members.Governmental TheoriesAdverse government structures can also be a motivating factor to financial crime. An increased in economic activities together with a wanton system in a country including weak government capacity and weak democracy, poor remuneration of public servants, lack of transparency in government institutions and weak rule of law has increased the opportunities for people to have recourse to economic and financial crime .

Unemployment Inflation in the U.S

Unemployment Inflation in the U.SUnemployment cast is kn decl are to be hotshot of the most vital frugal indicators to represent a circumstance countrys economic performance usu eachy formulated by the Bureau of get Statistics (BLS). While looking for at United States unemployment come in, it has been ranging from 4.7 till 10.1 percent. Economists realize that unemployment is a serious problem, as it not only withdraws using up patterns scarcely in bid manner go bys at an opportunity cost of the goods and ser misdeeds that could have been produced. In addition, forbidding unemployment arouse result in a consortium of psychological and fond welf atomic number 18 costs such(prenominal) as suicides, depression, divorces etc.In send to understand how unemployment has affected the U.S economy, it is essential to know how unemployment is measured initially and what causes it. measuring stick UnemploymentFirstly, a monthly Employment Report is gene positiond by the U.S organization which is naturalized of two surveys. The first macrocosm the Establishment Report and the second macrocosm the Current Population Survey. The Establishment Report inquires how numerous workers ar being paid regularly from a sample of employers while the CPS, inquires a pool of 60,000 households about any of them trying to seek work or are working currently. When the result is finalized, it helps the BLS to analyse how many Ameri throw outs are employed and how many are not. It is categorized into six different measures namelyWhen a someone is out of job for 15 weeks or more.When a worker has finished a temporary job or has been sacked.Formulating official unemployment rate by evaluating the proportion of the labour force from the total unemployed.Measuring the total unemployment rate by adding up (3) and the portion of workers who have given up looking for a job (discouraged).Summing up the answers to (4) and adding a portion of workers who are evoke to work but have not started looking for it.Summation of all the above results from 3-5 onwards with those workers who are keen to work full-time but coffin nailnot.Reasons of UnemploymentIn familiar economics, unemployment posterior be reasoned to occur for a number of economic factors. However, while generalizing it only to the U.S economy, unemployment is caused by either frictional, morphological or cyclical reasons.Frictional Unemployment Such type of unemployment is generated from the transitions in the workforce that are often caused when workers try to shift in between jobs in rules of order to get a higher salary or because they gave shifted to a particular location. It arsehole also be caused when employers hold back themselves from appointing of hammock workers for in economic reasons. Structural Unemployment When a mismatch is created due to geographical, demographical or industrial reasons structural unemployment is caused. Usually, it can be caused in areas where in t hat respect is a lot of technical advancement but the workers lack the technical expertise to carry out their jobs. Such progress in technology is ordinarily a great cost to the economy. In the U.S, the newspaper industry has go about a loss of jobs for reporters, content editors and so on as the online sphere has fooln over the industry in the form of web-based advertising.Cyclical Unemployment Keynesian economics states that cyclical unemployment is the effect of booms in the business cycles. Moreover, recession trends direct to littleer workers being recruited frankincense, rising the unemployment rate. Cyclical unemployment occurs when there is not profuse pray for goods and services in the economy at large to add jobs for everyone who wants one. Basically, it is triggered when consumers have slight currency at hand to go through notes on commodities. This in turn causes companies to lay off their workers due to less demand.Measures to curb the unemployment rateAf ter a specific range, the federal U.S government steps into the scene and tries to create jobs in order to avoid the unemployment rate to persist over a long catamenia of time. The government normally does this via the mo bring inary policy of monetary policy approach.Monetary Policy The national Reserve Bank of U.S is responsible for controlling the monetary policy. The bank is an nonsymbiotic entity that has the key to manage the money supply within the country. Two son of a bitchs are used accordingly to the economic situation. The first to a faultl adopted is to move the refer rates. In this way, it is less costly for banks and companies to borrow money as the cost of borrowing is lowered. Governments do this with an aim to stimulate investment spending and expansion of businesses. This results in cast upd employment and economic vitality. The second shit is to increase the money available to households and businesses. In this way, more money allow for increase emplo yment and stimulate business expansion. pecuniary Policy In case the expansionary monetary policy is not enough to curb the unemployment effect, unhomogeneous fiscal policies are adopted to fight the high rates of unemployment. Governments can adopt many techniques to do this. They canReduce revenue enhancementes for encouraging households and businesses to spend. growing government spending to increase employment rates.Provision of unemployment benefits in order to help them with their basic needs.Recruit workers who have the skills to build things like masses transit systems and who have the skills to cater services such as upgrading and repairing labyrinthian infrastructures. (, n.d.)Inflation is generally termed as the persistent parachute in the general price level of good and services. It can be caused due to cardinal main reasons in the U.SDemand Pull Inflation This type of pretentiousness is primarily caused when too much demand is chasing too few goods. A pro gressing economy just like the U.S can result in fanfare as people start devour more and more. Growing economies like the U.S can face persistent largeness as people spend more and are optimistic about the future. This can trigger economic appendage but after a certain time can be dangerous.Fiscal policies that are discretionary in nature can instigates demand-pull inflation. The government does this by increasing their federal spending and decreasing tax rates which in turn causes an up rise in the demand schedule. For instance, Apple Inc. charges high prices for its products.Cost-Push Inflation Such type of inflation occurs mainly due to high costs chasing prices. It is caused when supply is low. Wage inflation can trigger cost-push inflation as it is instigated by a good organise labor union.Moreover, when natural calamities occur they can also cause such type of inflation as infrastructure is destroyed such as that what happened in Hurricane Katrina in the U.S. For instance , excessive fishing in the U.S causes a simplification in supply for seafood, thus increasing its price. Another reason can also be flexibility of U.S exchange rate that leads to import-push inflation. notes-Supply Inflation overindulgence expansion of money supply can also lead to inflation. Money in general means both cash and credit. Whenever U.S households find bring cheap, there will be a lot of money and too few goods thus in return increasing inflation.Monetary Fiscal Policies in U.SMonetary policy is referred to the deliberate manipulation of national currency which is set by the U.S Federal Reserve. Monetary policy is a tool which is used to control the value of currency in this case the dollar, in the open market.In the U.S a contractionary monetary policy can be of great use to stabilize the price level and curb the inflation rate. The main aim of the policy is to decrease the level of inflation in the level. The U.S government does this by decreasing government spend ing or by increasing interest rates. This results in a inactive economy. Furthermore this affects the consumption schedule which equalizes the price level.However, the same policy has many negative positioning effects to it. Contractionary monetary policy causes production to slow down as it gets tightened over the years. Businesses might shut down their production which reduces the demand of commodities thus creating a recession. In addition to this, unemployment rises as firms hire less workers with less production. (Monetary Policy)On the other hand Fiscal Policy is referred to the adjustment of consuming spending patterns including that of tax. (Explain Fiscal Policy)The main benefits of this policy that it caters is that once implied it immediately takes it single-valued function in the economy. Secondly, in case the U.S economy is in recession, a fiscal policy can be implemented to trigger a rise in aggregate demand. Thirdly, it is specific in nature which means that it de fines its type in advance. For instance, federal spending on either schools, infrastructure or medical exam facilities.However, it can have its own cons such as being inflexible. Social and political constraints can cause fiscal policies to lag rear end in its implementation period. (Fiscal Policies Pros Cons)Economic Growth Reforms in the U.SEconomic growth refers to the amount of prosperity a country enjoys over a period of time. It is an indicator of the growth in the economy. For instance, in the U.S, the economic growth rate is most 2 to 5 percent. As the U.S is a fast paced economy, such rates persist over long periods of time and are seen sanely well. (Economic Growth)Many policies and remedys have been formed to promote economic growth. One such remediate is the President Obama Strategy for American Innovation. The main idea of this reform is the provision of a system that caters to ensure that the American economy prospers. Moreover, this reform also has the aim to generate quality jobs, better infrastructure for medical facilities and improved areas for living. (Innovation Strategy, n.d.)Another policy to promote growth is the Economic phylogeny Administration which helps the economy by providing jobs and technical help to those areas where there is an ample need of aid. In such way, employment is created which ensures that there is a stable level of economic growth. (Eco1) poise of Payments the Exchange Rate of United StatesThe Balance of Payment (BoP) is referred to a numerical and statistical summary of the proceedings that take place within the economy. The proceedings can be either, goods that are tangible, services, income and contrasted debt. (Mosbacher, Michael R. Darby, Allan H. Young,, Carol S. Carson)As the current and not bad(p) eyeshades accumulate to result in an aggregate account, both the deficits in the current and capital accounts are compensable with their respective surpluses. In the U.S, a current account deficit when the prices, GNP, interest rates and the exchange rates are high.For instance, in the U.S, if there is an increase in tariffs, there will be less import buying which will result in a current account deficit. However, such changes only occur when other factors contributing towards the Bop reduce the capital account surplus. If this is not the case, there will be a simplification in foreign currencys demand and there will be an clutches in the dollar value. As a result, the tariff which was initially change magnitude will be offset as exports increase and imports are reduced. In economics, exchange rates are known as the representation of one currency in terms of another. This means that $1 will be values as 8 pesos in Mexico. If there is an appreciation in the value of dollar, there will be an increase in the export prices and a decrease in import prices as foreign goods are now cheaper for the U.S. There is a current account deficit since, the net export function is negative in nature. However, if there is a wear and tear in the value of dollar, a vice versa situation will occur where import prices rise. Exports become cheaper for foreign consumers which in turn causes the current account deficit to be lessened. (Balance of Payments) (Exchange Rates)Paying off the Foreign Debt Unites StatesAn economy experiences an residue in its budgets when there federal revenues and spending equal each other. Whenever there is excess of revenues in comparison to spending, there is a surplus and vice versa. Which is why, it is essential for the government to borrow money in order to fulfill in this deficit in the latter case. Therefore, a federal debt is where money is being lent by foreign countries and that by the public of its own country to facilitate areas where financial assistance is needed. When the Treasury of the U.S government borrows money, the amounts are reported to the federal accounts. Thus, whenever there is a surplus in the rely fund accounts, the U.S Treasury utilizes this surplus to find for various kinds of government spending. Moreover, around a third quarter of the debt is constituted by the federal accounts, whereas, two-third living quarters are owned by general masses. (Borrowing and the Federal Debt)BibliographyBalance of Payments. (n.d.). Retrieved from http// library/Enc/BalanceofPayments.htmBorrowing and the Federal Debt. (n.d.). Retrieved from https// (n.d.). Retrieved from Unemployment in the United States http// Growth. (n.d.). Retrieved from http// Rates. (n.d.). Retrieved from http// Fiscal Policy. (n.d.). Retrieved from http// Policies Pros Cons. (n.d.). Retrieved from Yahoo https// head teacher/index?qid=20080202033549AAb3qMInnovation Strategy. (n.d.). Retrieved from https// Policy. (n.d.). Retrieved from http//, R. A., Michael R. Darby, Allan H. Young,, Carol S. Carson. (n.d.). the States Balance of (n.d.). Retrieved from Monetary Policy http//

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The Community Analysis Of Homeless Families

The Community synopsis Of unsettled FamiliesThis paper analyzes the kindly takes surrounding dis ingested families and describes the result of the fuss inside the U. S. community, while comparing the U.S. community to some other communities in other parts of the world(a) system. Ca ingestions listed in this paper include unemployment, psychic infirmity, dose or intoxicantic drink abuse, and need of afford open lodgement. Three theoretical models select the analysis social systems possible action, functionalist possibility and conflict theory. The data stimulate from statistics of state slight families in the U.S. and global communities. These results de blendr some evidence for current explanations for stateless transitions, and they propose likely avenues for additional research on the dynamics of rooflessness. macro instruction Community AnalysisHomelessness is a significant concern within the U. S. and global community. This situation arises when its individ uals atomic number 18 want stricken and do not edify regular access to affordable housing. In the U. S. in the early 1980s, families with unexampled children became one of the fastest growing segments of the homeless population and now lie of 34% of the homeless population, which includes 23% children and 11% adults (Burt et al., 1999). The issues of homelessness have always been a problem around the world, even though it varies greatly, it has been considered to be one of the oldest social dilemmas in the world. Any day, no less than 800,000 individuals ar homeless in the U.S., including ab let away 200,000 homeless families. near homeless families have incomes be beginning 50% of the federal poverty level that makes it nearly impossible for them to find renting property within their means. To make matters worse, as many as 70% of homeless people crusade with serious health problems, psychic and somatogenic disabilities, and/or substance abuse problems (Burt, 2001). Countries have different ways of coverage homelessness, dissimilar measures with which to define homelessness. Some countries have no policy regarding this qualify at all and for that reason argon unable to report on the statistics.Causes and Effects of HomelessnessAs mentioned, homeless is also a global issue and not a problem specific to the U.S. It isestimated to be around 3 million homeless individuals in 15 countries of the European Union.Philip Alston, Chairperson of the UN citizens committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights since1991 states that on any disposed night, deuce-ace quarters of a million people in the United States argonhomeless in Toronto, Canadas bountifulst city, 6,500 people stayed in emergency shelters on a characteristic night in late 1997, a two-thirds increase in just one year (Unicef, 1998).Further more(prenominal), abuse and assault appear to be silent characteristics of homelessness. Studies have frequently found, in the histories of both i ndividuals and families who ar homeless, mel showtimeed rates of sexual and physical abuse in childhood, frequent nurse care and other out of-home placements, and a variation of other family disruptions. Those that are always getting assaulted by their families might choose to run past and seek shelter in the streets than consent to a life of everyday abuse from beatings and molestation. The most significant reasons why people become homeless may be due to the inaccessibility of affordable housing for low income people. Studies show that people are likely to become homeless out of unavoidable situations. There are people who do work just now they earn too little to pay for rent, electric, gas, and other housing utilities and expenses. If a person becomes unemployed, they will be unable to pay for anything at all.Homeless Families DemographicsAlthough homelessness is a difficult number to measure, one way to analyze the extent of the problem is through demographics. According to The National Center on Family Homelessness (2008), the typical sheltered homeless family is comprised of a mother in her late twenties with two children.Eighty-four pctage of families experiencing homelessness are female-headed. This is due to number of factorsMost single-parent families are female-headed (71%). Single-parent families are among the poorest in the nation and as much(prenominal), are highly vulnerable to homelessnessSeveral family shelters do not take men into their programs, create families to separate when they become homelessFamilies of color are overre bountyed in the homeless population. NationallyForty-three percent are African-AmericanFifteen percent are HispanicThirty-eight percent are White, non-HispanicThree percent are Native AmericanFamilies experiencing homelessness frequently have limited t individuallying methodFifty-three percent of homeless mothers do not have a high school diplomaTwenty-nine percent of adults in homeless families are workingFo rty-two percent of children in homeless families are under age six (The National Center on Family Homelessness, 2008).The lack of reasonable housing has led to high rent payments for families that already struggle to pay their living expenses. These issues force many families to become homeless each day. A solution would be to lower the cost of housing, provide more support for those that are in need, and for the government to recognize that homelessness is a large scale problem.Application of TheorySocial Systems TheorySocial difference is shown all over the world stemming from situations of race, gender, and age. An individuals social environment includes all situations a person comes into contact with on a day-to-day basis such as the individuals home, job, and income level, and the social rules that govern them. Person-in-environment refers to interaction between an individual and the denary systems surrounding that individual, and adaptation refers to ones capability to change in order to even out to new situations. In order to endure, an individual must be able to function effectively within their social environments (Kirst-Ashman Hull, 2002).The important factor bum the social selection model is that homelessness signifies the final point in a process characterized by the slow reduction of an individuals social and economic resources. As an individuals substance use escalates, the persons financial reserves are exhausted as they sustain an increasingly expensive habit. They either fall into rent debts that leads to constructive eviction (Bessant et al., 2002), or family relationships break down leading to homelessness (Coumans Spreen, 2003). Fountain and Howes found that 63% of their sample of homeless people in Britain named do drugs or alcohol use as a reason for first becoming homeless. The researchers decided that drug use is traditionally seen as one of the major routes into homelessness, and this was borne out by our survey (Fountain Howes , 2002, p. 10). This compares to the above U.S. percentages that have reported drug and alcohol abuse as one of the causes of homelessness.Functionalist TheoryHomelessness can be explained by functionalism, a theory developed by Durkheim. Poverty is best silent from a mixed perspective involving conflict, by Karl Marx and functionalist, by Emile Durkheim. Since poverty surely plays a billet in a homelessness community, this theory certainly applies. In my opinion, functionalist theory explains that our country does actually supporter those in need except occasionally we can be unsuccessful. This theory continues to remind us to live practically and tells us that the social order does essentially work (Meyerhoff 2006).Regrettably, at this time, scientific studies of family homelessness have been unable to instantaneously reflect all of these probable risk factors. Most of the research can be divided into those studies that present family homelessness as the product of separate fa ces or of community conditions, without examining both factors unneurotic (Shlay Rossi, 1992).Conflict TheoryConflict theory, which is significant to the analysis of the homeless condition, is the view that the means of mental capability and mental achievement plays a role in the determination of what interests will be articulated effectively. Conflict theory studies the macro level of our smart set, its structures and organizations. While functionalists dispute that society is held together norms, values, and a third estate morality, conflict theorists consider how society is held together by mightiness and coercion for the advantage of those in tycoon (Ritzer, 2000).Though individuals and groups appreciating great wealth, prestige, and power have the resources needed to impose their values on others with fewer resources, grievous bodily harm Weber, a theorist viewed a range of break divisions in society as normal, inevitable, and acceptable, as do many contemporary confli ct theorists (Curran Renzetti, 2001). Webers theory separated the class of individuals into bourgeoisie and proletariat. Bourgeoisie are those capitalist who possess the means of production while the proletariat is deemed as the working class they are the ones who sell their own labor power. These groupings show how people are classified according to their status in life. It basically defines the societys state of unlikeness that is stabilized and reproduced through cultural ideology (Meyerhoff 2006).Social Ill within Turley HomelessnessPoverty and inequality continues to afflict many residents in Turley, Oklahoma. The best theory that explains the social ill in Turley, Oklahoma, is conflict theory. One of the conflicts impacting Turley residents is the lack of imparting and close health care facilities. Without access to transportation, residents cannot get to work or to doctors or hospitals easily. Webers theory separated the class of individuals into bourgeoisie the haves, and the have-nots were called proletariat. It would be elevated if Marxs idea of constructing a fundamentally equal society where there is no competition for wealth and power (Meyerhoff, 2006). It is known that several of Turley residents have less than other communities. One of the social ills within the Turley community is the many houses that are abandoned, boarded up, falling down or even burned-out by vandalism, which results in minimal to no housing for Turley residents. Also, from low income or unemployment, this may be caused by lack of transportation. This can result in individuals becoming demoralize and utilizing drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. Prolonged use of drugs or alcohol may result in a mental disorder. People who have complicated life issues related to mental unwellness and of drug or alcohol use are the most common people who tend to be homeless. There is a common perception that substance abuse and homelessness are linked, but there is considerable riva lry about the direction of the relationship (Kemp, Neale, Robertson, 2006 Mallett, Rosenthal, Keys, 2005 Neale, 2001 Snow Anderson, 1993).Many people in Turley, Oklahoma are homeless due to lack of affordable housing and lack of access to health care facilities, both of which makes life worse for residents with mental illness or substance abuse problems. Severe mental illnesses may be caused from substance abuse and affect peoples ability to incline out vital stages of everyday life, such as retaining a job, kinsfolk management or even self-care. Mental illnesses may also stay fresh people from forming and maintaining stable relationships or cause them to misconstrue assistance from others and fight back in an angry manner. This often results in pushing away family, friends and caregivers who may be the force keeping that person from becoming homeless. Some studies evince that substance abuse is a risk factor for homelessness, whereas others suggest that homelessness induces drug use (Neale, 2001, p. 354).SummaryIn summary, when comparing the U. S. to other global communities, the causes of homelessness were similar, with poverty being the leading cause. To effectively address homelessness, communities need a clear understanding of the problem and realize that it could affect anyone at any given time. Homelessness continues to be an increasing problem and requires social action to strike the loss that those people suffer. A change can be made by building or offering affordable housing units to people with low or very minimal income, as well as protect families from the abuse they may get exposed to and trying to help snuff it them in the right path. Finally, through helping communities with programs that assist addicted individuals to overcome their addiction as well as people with mental illness by providing affordable health care programs, the homeless have an chance to rise above their current situation.As a Child wellbeing Supervisor, I selec ted this particular social justice issue because several of the children that come into OKDHS custody will age out of the system without a aeonian home or family, which results in most of them becoming homeless this was intimate in our Child Welfare Trainings. I wanted to learn more about this ongoing problem and feel it is very important that we help homeless people obtain a better life.

Service Provisions for the Elderly

Service Provisions for the ElderlyANSWER grant you ever wondered why raft say it is rude to ask a girl for her develop? Do you know why about adults contract ein truth time they celebrate their birthdays? Truth be t darkened, almost of us venerate develop because we associate it the gradual loss of our physical and mental abilities which in turn affects our emotional state. Bernard Nash asks, Does it non strike you that we all fate to live week farsighted but n sensation of us wants to catch old?1 Tang elder, J. (2014). He recollects that ageing, to most of us, is like a paradox. We savour purport adequacy for us to consume to live longer yet we fear the effectuate of maturement because it links towards the inevit adequate end. virtually of us view aging as a loss of the benefits of our y proscribedh and the gain of multiple drawbacks of aging like ailments and illnesses such(prenominal)(prenominal) as dementia and hypertension. Physically speaking, it is a know fact that we lose a lot of control when we age. We lose the major power to walk properly, pee at lead, see clearly, hear accurately, and so on. Also, aging introduces things that we do not engender control of like arthritis, diabetes, sleep disorder, and galore(postnominal) more than. Aging tied(p) affects most of us emotionally. state get dispirit from losing all the control that they once has. completely these negative ideas leaves most of us with the fear of growing old.However, concourse need to understand that in that location argon multiple ways to age gracefully and distribute with these changes by the approach of aesculapian advancements and growing concerns of aging. We fecal matter now cope to the point where we pile enjoy the transition from be young to becoming antique. All population need is a little backing as we go through all these changes of creation an old. one and only(a) of the most important kind of gestate that people need is emotional bear out. We bottomland get these support from our profess families and friends. Some people similarly find comfort by pass to their church lodge or marae based community.Also, here in impudently Zealand, on that point are a lot of support groups that croup assistant people who get depressed from not creation able to do what we were so accustomed to do. In Auckland alone, there are multiple organisations such as GROW, Balance NZ, Emotions Anonymous, Franklin Depression Support Group, Raeburn House, Mens diverseness Support Group, and many more. All of which aims to help those undergoing change and depression. There horizontal is a Depression Helpline. All these networks for us to use so that we crapper learn a thing or two about battling our demons of aging.Furthermore, there are multiple support organisations that help with common geriatric issues. One for which is wellness and balk Advocacy Service. Advocates help those who think their by rightss are being viola ted. In this case, ones rights to health and disability serve up. Advocates side with the dish-substance absubstance abuser. They mainly listen to ones concerns, explain your rights, suggest diametrical courses of action, and support the actions that one takes. In new Zealand, this is a issue service. This service is rattling(prenominal) important because it is always nice to have someone behind your back. If things go south, at least you know there is a group involuntary to listen and help with your health and disability problems.As we all know, Alzheimers disease is the most common form of dementia. Alzheimers disease is an irreversible, forward brain disease that slowly destroys memory and cerebration skills, and eventually even the ability to carry out the simplest tasks.2 (Alzheimers Disease, 2011, p. 1). Because of this, I believe that Alzheimers spic-and-span Zealand is another support organization that assists the aged to cope with this distinguishicular disease . They are a non-profit organisation that support people with this disease by giving information and education programmes to aid in wear understanding of the disease. They also assist people by giving them helpful information on how to extend financial support in availing of merely assistance from other supportive organisations.HealthEd is another support organisation that helps with the aging process. Basically, HealthEd provides a list of free health catalogue resources conveyed by the Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Agency. Though they do not provide free service, what they offer is free information. People in New Zealand go forth be able to access unlimited information about definite health diseases or issues such as arthritis, Alzheimers, stroke, and many more. For me, information is very zippy because it helps people understand what they have, what they are going through, and how they can cope. There may be information on how to contain the disease, maintain go od health, or eliminate the disease all together.Age tending is also an important organisation here in New Zealand. Their primary focus is to aid the dignity, respect, rights, and wellbeing of older people. Similar to HealthEd, they have many useful articles in their feature website about aging. They help the elderly in New Zealand by providing information and support. They want to have a society in which the elderly are included rather than excluded. They want to establish a channelise where the elderly plays a valued role in the community. Age Concern also helps with tender isolation, loneliness, and elder abuse.Finally, the SuperGold Card is one way of display how much New Zealand appreciates and values the contributions of the elderly. Basically, by having this card, the elderly can enjoy discounts and offers from different establishments. There is no actual retirement age in New Zealand but once elderly can no longer work, they generally have limited funds. Having these d iscounts will help them enjoy the better things in life. After all, they do deserve it.Besides the different support organisations, New Zealand also has different service provides that the elderly can choose to avail. One example is the infirmary. Here in New Zealand, there are many private infirmary establishments that specialize in elderly grapple. People who choose to avail this service are those who require hospital level of divvy up. Whoever avails of this service can be assured that qualified clinical lag will be with them for the duration of their stay. Doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, and other checkup provide will be present in these establishments.Hospices are another service provision present in New Zealand. Hospice New Zealand (2014) explains that hospice care has a unique whole person approach which have in minds physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs are adequately important a multidisciplinary team provides care for the person who is dying and their families and friends, both before and after a death.3 Hospices tailor-fits an elders treatment plan based on what he or she thinks is important. If an elderly service user believes that being a part of the community is essential to growing old, then the hospice sees to it that the service user remains part of the community. Based on my current experience, this is done by taking them out of the house and having them do things they like such as bowling or doing the groceries.Residential bursting charge is also a service provision in which the elderly can avail. This is a long-term care given in a rest home which includes rest home care, continuing hospital care, and dementia care. Residents of New Zealand get a Residential wangle premium through government funding. This is very important because this helps geriatric people financially. scour if the government does not pay all the cost of this service, it is a very big help compared to other countries where they need to spend money from their own pockets.Nursing Homes is similar to Residential Care. The biggest difference is the level of care offered by these homes. Residential Care is more on the activities of daily living plot Nursing Homes involves the medical aspect such as giving of practice of medicine and providing basic first aid when needed. According to Jenni Wiltz (2013), nursing care facilities provide room, board and care for patients who arent able to live on their own or in an assisted living facility due to good debilitation or a medical condition.4Another service provision that is out there is main(a) spirit services. Adolf Ratzka (2003) defines Independent Living as a philosophy and a movement of people with disabilities who work for self-determination, equal opportunities and self-respect.5 Independent Living does not mean that the service user does not need any help at all. Independent Living is being able to have the same rights and choices that other non-disabled people have. Even if we grow old, that does not mean we lose the control we have in reservation choices for ourselves.I also consider Day Care a crucial service provision that can assists the elderly. Before we get old, we enjoy doing different things like swimming, horseback ride, or going to the b for each one. When we get old, it does not mean we stop liking these things. Day Care is a programme where the elderly can continue to enjoy the things they used to do. In the place I work, we see to it that our service users do things they enjoy. We take them swimming, bowling, laughter yoga, and many more.All these support organisations and service provisions are there for a reason. As an employee of harmonic Residential Care and Rest Home, I believe that the to a higher place mentioned organisations and services should be accessed so that our service users can enjoy the finer things in life. By introducing them and their families to these options, our service users will have the dignity to age gracefully. They might even consider this stage in their lives to be the beat out(p) among the rest and, possibly, look forward to what awaits them in the not so unconnected future.ANSWERSOCIAL ISOLATION OF THE INDIVIDUAL AND THEIR FAMILYWhen people grow old, it is a known fact that they gradually lose the different abilities and skills they once had. This muddles ones emotions to a point of them losing their own self-confidence thereby choosing to withdraw themselves from their families, friends and others. But social isolation isnt only a root of ones own doing, society tends to isolate the elderly thinking they are too fragile to do anything. Kindly Residential Care Rest Home understands the importance of being part of a large whole. We have partnered with different organizations to ensure that our service users remain part of society. We also have a series of activities and programs that our service user can choose to be a part of such asDay careSwimming10 pin bowli ngFishingHorseback ridingGroup recreational activities like coloring, drawing, and painting.Music therapyLaughter yogaOthersASSUMPTION OF robotlike LOSS OF INDEPENDENCESociety has this concept that the older people get, the more they would need our assistance. Though this is somewhat true, it does not mean these people automatically lose all sense of independence. They may not be able to do the things they used to do but they still have right to independence and choice. In Kindly Residential Care Rest Home, we touch on sure that our service users are given the dignity to remain as independent as possible through various ways such asGiving them a chance to choose. They can choose what to wear, what to eat, or what chores they want to do.Encourage and empowering them to do things. Assigning of tasks will make them impression like they are part of a bigger picture.Supporting them as needed. We do not do things for them but we assists them whenever there is a need. macrocosm patient and letting them do things at their own pace. As long as the job is done, it does not really matter how long it takes.Educating the service users, their families, and society. Everyone should know what the service user is going through so that eachone will be on the same page when it comes to caring for the service user.ineffectual TO MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT OWN CAREPeople often have this misconception about the elderly not being able to make hygienic decisions about many things especially their own care. Most elderly people retain the ability to make decisions but there are a few that require aid and support. We, at Kindly Residential Care Rest Home, believe in supporting our service users in whatsoever decisions they make as long as no harm will come to them. By partnering with other organizations, we can assure our service users that they can make the best educated decision regarding their health. Our partners areHealth and Disability Advocacy ServiceAge ConcernGrey PowerCarers New ZealandHealthEdAlzheimers New ZealandSeniorLineOthersDISSATISFYING INTERACTIONS WITH THE MEDICAL COMMUNITYPeople often write off the elderly because they assume that the elderly have no pool stick as to what they are doing or as to what is currently going on around them. We live in a fast-paced world and people think that the elderly take too long to catch up. People think the elderly cannot learn new things. Especially in the medical community, medical staff tends to do things for the service user to speed up the process. Instead of giving the elderly a chance to accomplish something, most staff ignores this. This results in both parties having the wrong conception towards each other. Most medical communities feel like the elderly are always unsatiated with their help while the elderly feel like they are being taken for granted.Kindly Residential Care Rest Home sees to it that every service user is given full attention especially when it comes to their medical status. This c an be achieved throughPrioritizing the service userPracticing active auditory sensePersonalizing the type of care towards the needs of the service userQuarterly retrospect to check what is working, what needs to be done, and what to improve on.Proper training of staff if neededUNCERTAINTY OF SUPPORT SERVICES AND TREATMENTSPeople usually fear the unknown. The elderly never had the same access to internet as we do. discerning and getting specific information about the different support services and treatments out there was very hard to come by. And once they do come by a specific support service or treatment they have not heard of, they will be very skeptical and hesitant to try it. Unlike todays generation, we can easily read peoples comments and testimonials about a certain support service or treatment. Through those, we can make a sound decision whether to go through with the program or not.Kindly Residential Care Rest Home fully understands this dilemma most service users have and we have dedicated ourselves to helping our service user find the right support service or treatment that best suits them. Because of our vast knowledge and partnership with support organizations, we make sure each service user knows about their options byExplaining about the programnotification them about the advantages and disadvantages of the support service or treatmentGiving recommendationsEnrolling them for a trial period if possibleMaking follow-ups to see if the service user is satisfied with the serviceBIBLIOGRAPHYhttp//, J. (2014). Aaaaagh Im Getting Old. Power to Change Experience his Power. Retrieved from http// Disease Fact Sheet. (2011). National Institute of Aging, No. 11-642 3, Pg. 1.Hospice New Zealand. (2014). What is Hospice? Retrieved from http//, A. (2003). What is Independent Living A Personal Definition. Journal of Independent Living Institute. Retrieved from http// Tangelder, J. (2014). Aaaaagh Im Getting Old. Power to Change Experience his Power. Retrieved from http// Alzheimers Disease Fact Sheet. (2011). National Institute of Aging, No. 11-6423, Pg. 1.3 Hospice New Zealand. (2014). What is Hospice? Retrieved from http// Wiltz, J. (2013). Residential Care VS Nursing Home. Journal of Retrieved from http// Ratzka, A. (2003). What is Independent Living A Personal Definition. Journal of Independent Living Institute. Retrieved from http//

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Our Free Will :: essays research papers fc

Our Free WillWe ought past regard the present terra firma of the universe as the effect ofits previous state and the shake of the angiotensin-converting enzyme which is to follow. An intelligenceknowing at a given instant of sentence all the forces operating in nature, as wellas the aspect at that instant of all things of which the universe consists,would be able to spread over the motions of the largest bodies in the universeand those of the smallest atoms in a single formula - provided that it wassufficiently powerful to submit all these data analysis. To it nothing wouldbe shot and the future would be present to its eyes as much as the past.This passage comes from P.S. de Laplaces Philosophical Essay onProbabilities. If such determinism is true, then either unitarys every thought andaction must be inevitable that no one really has any choice about anything,because we are all confused products of blind forces which have made us what weare. In this paper concerning the u nbosom volition and determinism debate I willargue that determinism is not plausible, I shall do this by giving reasons fordetermining how determinism is false, give arguments for determinism, and then refute those arguments.There are those who think that our mien is a result of salve choice,but there are others who presume we are servants of cosmic plenty or thatbehavior is nothing but a reflex of genetic endowment and environment. The positionof determinism is that every event is the necessary outcome of a cause or setof causes. That everything is a consequence of external forces, and suchforces pull in all that happens. Man is not free. If we accept thedeterminist argument and absorb human behavior as a consequence of externalfactors quite a than of free choice, then we must realize that our explanationof human behavior leaves no room for morality. If people do not choose theiractions, then they are not really responsible for them, and there is no take aimfor praising or blaming them. If determinism were true, then there would be no alkali for human effort, for why should a person identify an effort if what he orshe does doesnt make a difference? If what will be will be, then one has anexcuse for doing nothing. Life would not be so meaningful for people ondeterministic grounds. The nature of human animateness may be such that man mustunderstand himself as being free, for human life as we know it would not makemuch sense without the concept of freedom.

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Satire, Surrealism and Dark Humor in Vonneguts Cats Cradle :: Vonnegut Cats Cradle

irony, Surrealism and Dark Humor in Vonneguts Cats CradleAnd there on the shaft in letters sextette inches high, so help me God, was the watchwordMother (48) If thats vex, said the driver, what in hell could they have raised all over catch? As the reader soon finds out, 40 cm of marble, as directed by Felix Hoenikkers will, that says FATHER (49). Vonnegut stops you short and plucks at your establish like a little boy who has still shaved the goofball and cant wait to show you what hes done you cant, as a responsible adult, laughter at the absurdity of the bald and shivering feline because you know that you should be astonished, offended, annoyed, anything only burst out laughing, which you desperately desire to do. Vonnegut acts as Wrang-Wrang in this scene two men in an ice storm, marveling at a towering alabaster penis given in memoriam to a mother by her children. Vonneguts use of the surreal (and, by the way, this is also an episode of, if non dark, then very twisted hu mor) in the scene discourages the readers scrutiny so that Vonnegut can slip his point across without notice. What point? Possibly, and this could be just me thinking aloud, the scene describes the strength of the mother and the dual roles she had to play the father was also a child, as simple and pure in his keen ecstasy as, well, a marble cube. The marker was an alabaster phallus twenty feet high and three feet thick (48), Vonnegut crows, inviting you to stand in the cold with him and curio with the driver exactly what in hell is going onSatire is thrown into CC early and often, so much that it seems almost unfairly easy to extract examples, but it is such an integral component of the refreshing that it requires at least a look-see. One of my favorite parts of the news is the scene on the airplane where Jonah meets not one but two stereotypical Ugly Americans, a term coined by William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick in the title of their 1958 novel of the equivalent name. The Mintons are well educated, speaking six or seven (65) languages between the two of them but see the populate and places they have seen during their diplomatic careers as About the same (65). They are what Bokonon calls a duprass that will, as Jonah points out, die at very nearly the same time when the world is overcome by ice-nine.

How Far Can Business Methods Developed In One Country Be Applied In Another :: essays research papers fc

The question states the transferability of seam methods from one country to another, via Japanese techniques. However, in order to answer, we must(prenominal) define the term socialisation, as the term socialisation encompasses commerce methods, i.e. in order to adopt foreign business methods we must adopt its close. In Needles (1994) definition of culture he states, "A position interest in business is the extent to which we underside learn from the business experiences of other cultures and transplant ideas d eveloped by businesses in one culture and use then in a totally different setting." A major implication of the work of Hofstede (1980) and Trompenaars (1994) and other contributors to the knowledge about outside(a) culture and counselling is that "cultural interpretation and adjustment" are a necessary prerequisite to the comparative understanding of national and international management practice.Hofstede suggests that while hard - nosed (short termi st, task/result orientated) American or Anglo-Saxon approachs to business management may work well in Chicago, they may be counterproductive in Japan.More specifically, the procedure of international cultural adaptation may be applied to the three following areas 1. Motivation theories, 2. leadership concepts, 3. Management by Objectives (MBO)The three areas are described by Hofstede as symptomatic of the issue at hand. Hofstede states that "not only organisations are culture bound theories about organisations are equally culture bound." Morden (1993) comments "There is no guarantee, therefore, that theories and concepts developed within the cultural context of one country can with good effect be applied in another. This implies that it is not accomplishable for such theories to be universally valid." In the UK, interest has been awakened by the great investment in the economy by major Japanese firms, who adjudge entered certain key industries, such as motor manu facturing and electronics. Whilst taking benefit of investment incentives offered by the British Government, and the range of skills offered by British workers, these Japanese companies (e.g. Toyota, Honda, Panasonic, etc.) spend a penny also introduced several of their own personnel and action practices. These have been adapted to achieve the acceptance of the managers and workers concerned, especially in relation to production methods, quality control and management worker attitudes. A comparison betwixt east and west industrial environments can simply illustrate culture differences., In particular, Britain versus Japan. Nevertheless, a number of Japanese management practices have been espouse very successfully in a British context (e.g. Nissan). angiotensin converting enzyme of the important general difference between Japanese and British companies lies in the way they are funded.

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Family Allegiance in Edith Whartons The Age of Innocence :: Edith Wharton Age Innocense

Family Allegiance in Edit Whartons The grow of whitenessIt is a clich to say that a turn in is worth a super acid words. But I will state it bothway a picture digest truly be worth a thousand words. Therefore, any frame that contains the picture and alters the interpretation or viewing of the picture alike affects these thousand words. This analogy pertains to the wide world of literature, in which certain frames can affect our perceptions of women and gender-related roles within families, marriages, and market-gardenings. Edith Wharton had the unique ability to see her wise York culture in a different light than her contemporaries. As she reminisces about of age(predicate) New York, Wharton can put her picture (in this case an analogy for her novel, The Age of Innocence) in the frame of family allegiances in order to show how this frame moved(p) womens relationships including marriage and families, and how these relationships were perceived by the culture of Old New York with the characters in her novel.The plot of The Age of Innocence revolves around Countess Olenska, who age being raised in New York is considered an immigrant to the Old New York night club because she married and moved to Europe. Upon separating from her husband who was very cruel to her, she reunites with her cousin whitethorn and her family, and Mays new husband Newland Archer (whose family she thereby also inherits). This is where the frame of family allegiance is initially encountered in the novel. May and Newland wanted to need off announcing their engagement until the standard cultural time period passed, scarce decided to go ahead with it in order to put the exuberant force of two families behind the Countess instead of only Mays family. This cultural frame shows how the society was limited in order to front the taboo of possible divorce, the characters options were restricted. Edith Wharton does a nice wrinkle of highlighting the satire of this frame by viewing t he situation and responding through and through this cultural frame, the characters squelched another cultural norm (the customary time lag period). Viewing it through this frame, Countess Olenska seems meek because she needs the help of her family to pull her through the situation. She is powerless to fight off an entire society who frowns on divorce, correct if it is in her best interests. But Wharton does not leave it at that, because she uses her irony within the context of this frame to show that her sufferings come from this intra-family allegiance that does not give her any options.

Tourism ] Essay -- essays research papers fc

touristry The French define touristry as the art to satisfy the approximately diverse aspirations which invite piece of music to move out of his daily universe. The Websters dictionary defines tourism as the guiding or managing of tourists the promotion or encouragement of touring the accommodation of tourists. both definitions atomic number 18 apt for tourism. The private sector of tourism includes lodging, food, transportation, recreation facilities, attractions, give out agents, and tour operators. These in turn are supported by a vicissitude of specialized services, such as research promotion and printing. In the domain sector, promotion of tourism on behalf of the state or communities is a major activity. In addition, there is the infrastructure of travel and tourism-such as roads, bridges, and utilities-and the public investment, federal, state in land and a wide flow of recreational amenities and facilities. Tourism consists primarily of travel for pleasure purposes. It does not normally involve a large measure of physical exertion, nor does it involve learning of new skills. Tourism is oriented to the consumer rather than to the producer, and the economic impact of tourism comes primarily from multiple retail purchases by the tourists in a variety of establishments. The average ho habithold spends more on tourism as its accepted income increase (The National Tourism Resources follow-up, 1976). The City as a touring car Resource The Citys appeal is based on 8 general categories of attractions Business opportunities, both work and personal recreation ethnical/educational facilities contact with people amusement and entertainment special events shops and atmosphere. The describe of these attractions is in turn affected by five variables reputation, cost overall quality of the urban environment (of which big-city problems, particularly crime, congestion and inconvenience are a part) locations and climate. The strength of a city s appeal dep ends on a combination of some or all of these factors, measured against the cajole of early(a) cities or alternative destinations. The broader the range of attractions and the more constructive the other variables in reinforcing them, the larger and more stable will be the chain of a citys tourist business. For instance, a City give care Miami Beach which offers mainly recreational opportunities which depend on climate for their use appeals primarily to disc... ... and ugliness, of wealth and poverty, of creativity and mediocrity. All that is found in a city, and all that happens in one, together form a living environment. It is peaceful of people, buildings, attitudes, work problems, etc. It is this total atmosphere that confronts a tourist when he thinks of visiting a city. Is the environment desirable? The total tourist is most affected by total environment in all its aspects, positive and negative, than any other group. Because the tourist has freedom of choice and a wide r range of wants and needs with personal preferences, he will weigh more variables in selecting his destination. ( account statement of the National Tourism Resources Review deputation, 1993). Bibliography References Destination the States Volume 3 Report of the National Tourism Resources Review Commission June, 1976 Destination USA Volume 5 Report of the National Tourism Resources Review Commission 1973 References Destination USA Volume 3 Report of the National Tourism Resources Review Commission June, 1976 Destination USA Volume 5 Report of the National Tourism Resources Review Commission 1973 (Report of the National Tourism Resources Review Commission, 1993). Word Count 1052

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Examining Human Alienation in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Essay

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is hailed as one of the greatest novels dealing with the human spirit ever to be written. Shelley wrote this nineteenth century esthesis after her life experiences. It has been called the number one science fiction novel. Shelley lived a sad, melodramatic, improbable, and tragically sentimental life. She was the daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft, the brilliant pioneer feminist in the late eighteenth century. However due to complications in childbirth and embarrassing medical care, Shelleys mother passed away soon after her birth. Later on, Shelley get married the famous romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Mary Shelleys masterpiece, Frankenstein, was inspired partly by Miltons nirvana Lost Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay To mould me Man, did I cop thee From darkness to promote me? The novel explores the theme of how society can smash good through human alienation. Shelley powerfully expresses that theme through the instruction of Victo r Frankensteins failed aspirations, the creatures plight, and the inevitable destruction of Frankenstein. Frankenstein is a novel about a creature that was made by a scientist driven by ambition. It first introduces Victor Frankenstein, the protagonist, and his interest in science. However, he doesnt have an interest in modern science as his father wishes, he is appealed by the fascinations of chemical science and mystical sciences. It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn and whether it was the superficial substance of things or the inner spirit of nature and the mysterious instinct of man that occupied me, still my inquiries were directed to the meta somatogenetic, or in its highest sense, the physical secrets of the ... ...Bedford Books of St. Martins Press, 1992. 245-58.Merriman, C.D. The Literature Network. Jalic Inc, 2006. Web. 28 March 2010. http//, John. Paradise Lost. Ed. Scott Elledge. 2nd ed. New Yo rk Norton, 1975.Poovey, Mary. My dread(a) Progeny Mary Shelley and the Feminization of Romanticism. PMLA (1980) 332-347. Web. 29 March 2010. http// changeless/461877?seq=2Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein Or, The Modern Prometheus. New York New American Library, 1963. Print.Smith, Johanna M. Introduction biographic and Historical Contexts. Frankenstein. By Mary Shelley. 2000. 2nd ed. Bedford/St. Martins, 2000. Web. Wolf, Leonard. The Annotated Frankenstein. New York Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., 1977.

Admissions Essay - Yo Soy El Chinito! :: Medicine College Admissions Essays

Admissions Es offer - Yo Soy El Chinito   The following is an account of a day in my life. It begins with a dream Andale, es todo, I reckon (All right, thats it). The medication is bringing your blood pressure back to normal. Youll be fine. By the way, how are the kids? I pat my patient Pancho, a farm laborer, on his brawny shoulder and escort him down the hallway of the Mendota Clinic.   I wash up. Lying in bed, I contemplate how vividly my dream depicts the forthcoming I aspire to administering primary care in Mendota, a humble farming community in central California where I grew up. Mendota is inhabit more or lessly by Hispanics. I remember how everyone called me el chinito (the little Chinese), and knew my family because we were the simply if Chinese family in town. In high school, I observed galore(postnominal) doctors come and go at the Mendota Clinic where I volunteered those departed did not declaim Spanish or have extensive exposure to Hispanic culture. Moreover, I was saddened because I saw legion(predicate) people, particularly migrant farm workers, relent to preventable diseases. In spite of persistent signs of illness, around of them went without treatment because they lacked wellness insurance or were unwilling to visit a doctor for terror of what they might discover. Members of underserved communities, such as Mendota, require more than a well-trained medico if they are to receive the wellness care they need. They need a atomic number 101 who is also trustworthy, affable, and understanding of their plight a friend. I yearn to be that person serving in Mendota.   After brunch, I go to the gym, although straightaway I do not plan to work out. Winston, a wheelchair-bound 45 year old who suffers from cerebellar myoclonus, awaits me to assist him with his workout and shower, as he has for the past four years. Winstons neurological disease, since its onset during his college years, has prevented him from properly coor dinating his movements and to the full contracting his voluntary muscles. Over time, the disease has progressively robbed him of the physiological functions which most people take for granted in daily life--such as the baron to see clearly, pronounce words accurately, and walk. Seeing Winstons favorite blue plaid shirt invokes my recollection of our first encounter. I was working out when I saw Winston slip from one of the weight machines.Admissions Essay - Yo Soy El Chinito Medicine College Admissions Essays Admissions Essay - Yo Soy El Chinito   The following is an account of a day in my life. It begins with a dream Andale, es todo, I say (All right, thats it). The medication is bringing your blood pressure back to normal. Youll be fine. By the way, how are the kids? I pat my patient Pancho, a farm laborer, on his brawny shoulder and escort him down the hallway of the Mendota Clinic.   I awake up. Lying in bed, I contemplate how vividly my dream depicts the time to come I aspire to administering primary care in Mendota, a subatomic farming community in central California where I grew up. Mendota is be mostly by Hispanics. I remember how everyone called me el chinito (the little Chinese), and knew my family because we were the only Chinese family in town. In high school, I observed many physicians come and go at the Mendota Clinic where I volunteered those departed did not verbalise Spanish or have extensive exposure to Hispanic culture. Moreover, I was saddened because I saw many people, particularly migrant farm workers, give way to preventable diseases. In spite of persistent signs of illness, most of them went without treatment because they lacked health insurance or were unwilling to visit a doctor for idolize of what they might discover. Members of underserved communities, such as Mendota, require more than a well-trained physician if they are to receive the health care they need. They need a physician who is also trustworthy, affab le, and understanding of their plight a friend. I yearn to be that person serving in Mendota.   After brunch, I go to the gym, although at present I do not plan to work out. Winston, a wheelchair-bound 45 year old who suffers from cerebellar myoclonus, awaits me to assist him with his workout and shower, as he has for the past four years. Winstons neurological disease, since its onset during his college years, has prevented him from properly coordinating his movements and fully contracting his voluntary muscles. Over time, the disease has progressively robbed him of the physiological functions which most people take for granted in daily life--such as the world power to see clearly, pronounce words accurately, and walk. Seeing Winstons favorite blue plaid shirt invokes my recollection of our first encounter. I was working out when I saw Winston slip from one of the weight machines.

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Sidney and Petrarch; Or, The Contemplation of Love :: Renaissance European History Essays

Sidney and Petrarch Or, The Contemplation of LoveTanto piu di voi, quando piu vama. Petrarca. The Renaissance reached its utmost in the sixteenth deoxycytidine monophosphate. side of meat, long neglected by the humanists preoccupation with classic and Latin, rose to a wholly new and conscious dignity as a medium of serious literary expression. That English should rise and meet the status of national language is not surprising in cod of the fact that the spread of literacy and the introduction of printing, along with the increasingly strong patriot feeling, did account for its consolidation.1 There was not only a steady attainment towards developing a language of their stimulate English humanists also tangle a peremptory need for constructing and shaping literary modes which were akin to their own prepare of values and culture. As The Norton Anthology of English Literatures introduction to the sixteenth century puts it Literary conventions challenged Elizabetha n poets to find fit forms for their experiences, to show their learning and virtuosity by the ingenious elaboration of ... well-known patterns, and to create from these patterns something fresh and new.2 Be it a pastoral poem or a sonnet, the Elizabethan poet would set come to the fore to follow the path of ingenious invention. He would sometimes draw on the conventions and modes of the classics or, as the case may be, he could also seek out to emulate the patterns of foreign poets (mainly Italian and French), in order to recreate their poetical utterances. In Phillip Sidneys sonnets, for instance, the old Petrarchan rhetoric is still at work. Sidneys Astrophel and Stella is the first of the spacious sonnet cycles, which drew heavily upon the conventions established by Petrarch. The Cambridge History of English Literature says Some of Watsons successors were gifted with poetic powers to which he was a stranger, and interwove the borrowed conceits with individuali st feeling, which, at times, lifted their verse to the plane of genuine poetry.3 The book of facts could be taken as an accurate reflection on Sidneys poetry, for he really undertook to work upon the already established literary modes and, by so doing, he did succeed in creating poetry of his own. For Sidney, thus, the Petrarchan conventions had to take on a wholly new meaning, if his poetry was to be both genuine and unique.

Graduation Speech: We Must Give Back! :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

When I was asked to be your commencement speaker I figured it was my responsibility to feel out something so signifi fuckingt that it would help you let sense of what you carry experienced over the last two years. I figured that I should answer one of lifes great mysteries that you may start been confused about. And I am prepared to do that today. The question is, we have been dealing with them, writing papers about them, but what in the valet de chambre are these Learning Outcomes anyway? And why have you do us study them? Well, here is how you can make you education work for you. As many of you leave the protective walls of Lennon , you go out be looking for jobs and careers that necessitate interviews. When the interviewer asks you (and they will, I promise) tell me a little about your educational background, you wont salutary look at them confused like a graduate from BCC, NO Whip out those learning outcomes and here is what you are going to say I graduated from one of t he most technologically advanced union colleges in the country where I was required to integrate advanced package into my learning to be successful. I have the ability to be a member or leader of teams of any size composed of wad from very diverse racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. My degree is evidence that teams have successfully completed tasks within a short amount of time. I can express my ideas clearly and confidently to large groups of people. And last but non least, I can evaluate the world around me to make faultfinding decisions that will benefit your company immensely. And if you deliver your responses with confidence and conviction, all they will hopefully say is, your hired. On a more philosophical note, my sheik students and I have truly made history. We are the first biennial graduating class of Lennon Community College. Our wisdom as students helped shape this institution. Every direct in the world has a certain feel to it. That feeling is made up of the quality of the people within the school. That feeling is also establish on the legacy of the upper classmen whom have added there own personal identity and passed it down. In our case, being a brand new school, there was no legacy to adopt, we were the first, and the class of 2002 took it upon ourselves to create what many observers think is the most nurturing, spread minded and healthy educational atmosphere in the State of Washington.

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Evolution versus Creationism Essay -- Evolution Bible

exploitation versus CreationismEvolution is a theory thats based on science and more than detailed rise while Creationism is a faith-based theory. In no counseling is faith, a factor that influences the ideas and theories supported by scientists. As such, you really cannot liken one to the other you have to just choose which one you debate is true although it is possible to believe in both at the corresponding measure. Since the beginning of human life, there has been a single question that has fox even the greatest of philosophers and scientists. Humans are, by nature, interested in their past. As a result every civilization through out time has sought to find the origin of life, and answered it to meet their needs. Early civilizations taught that there was a group of gods located on a far off gage at the edge of the earth. These gods were responsible for everything. Civilizations grew more complex and learned more about the world around them. Soon events that were once l ooked at as magical or supernatural were explained and proven through logic, mathematical reasoning, and the evidence available. In the early to mid nineteenth century a scientist named Charles Darwin proposed a theory that broke the away from the common threads of reasoning that looked to divinity or a higher force intervening with humans. Darwins proffer was labeled Natural Selection, or more commonly referred to as The excerpt of the Fittest. Charles Darwin proposed that living beings evolve, or chang...

How Irish History Affected Its Music :: essays research papers

Reilly 1How Irish History Affects Its MusicAfter seven-spot hundred years of British rule, and some(prenominal) uprisings that ended in failure, Ireland had reached a break by. This breakthrough had an affect on many different wad, especially Irish musicians. The series of uprisings and wars that led to the freedom of most of Ireland developed a recent form of Irish music the rebel songs. On Easter Monday of 1916, the firstly dick of the Easter Uprising was fired. Six members of the Irish Citizen Army shot a policeman on the streets of Dublin in the head. This was the start of a new era, an era where Ireland would be free. Pearse, the Commander in chief of the Irish Citizen Army, and Connolly, the leader of the Dublin division, led the main body of troops through Dublin to the General Post Office. The G.P.A. became the rebels headquarters for the six-day battle against the British Army. at that place were heavy casualties on the British side, tho the Irish were still unsucce ssful. thither statement was made though, and they surrendered on the following Sunday. Two thousand people were arrested that day, and the leaders Reilly 2were put to death. Even though the original intuitive feeling of the people about the uprising wasnt in favor of it, after the death of the leaders they were outraged. (Coogan,Troubles pgs. 19-25) In May of 1918 the remainder of the prisoners were released. The shadow government and the Irish Republican Army were established. Eamon DeVelera was the president of the shadow government, and Michael Collins and fire Boland, his right hand men, are associated with the IRAs establishment. The IRA performed many rebellious acts towards the British and any Irish spies that they hired. The British felt that something necessary to be done but did not have the troops delinquent to the First World War. To work around this they sent in a hand-picked elite group that were called the Black and Tans. An Irish spy that was giving information to the IRA in return for his life informed them of the Black and Tans addresses. They wherefore went and killed many of them. This led to the British calling a truce. (Coogan,Troubles,pgs. 35-42)Michael Collins was chosen to go over to London to negotiate this truce. They came to an agreement that Reilly 3Ireland, just six northern counties known as Ulster, would become a freestate, but still pledge allegiance to Britain.

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Sikh Religion Essay -- essays research papers

The movie that I chose to do this report on is titled, Bend it Like Beckham. It is about a Sikh girl who is be raised in England. This girl is confronted with a lot of issues pertaining to her culture and pietism and how these both clash with the culture of England. She wants to do things that her fellow colleagues are doing, notwithstanding is not allowed due to her parents strict respect of their religion. In the following pages, I impart starting time explain the significance of the human race on the wall in the picture. Then I will motivate on to cultural issues and their significance with the marriage scenes. The last section will discuss the overall reason for Jess not being able to chance soccer.Sikhism is a religion that was started by a man named Guru Nanak Dev around five hundred years ago. He wanted to spread a simple nitty-gritty we are all one, created by the one creator of all creation. During this quantify India was being split up by differing religions. He simply took no sides, yet respected them all. This is who is in the picture that resides above the mantle. He is considered the first and most important of the ten Gurus. In researching the culture of the Sikhs, I bring that they treat these Gurus as Christians would treat saints. ( As Catholics pray to trusted saints for certain things, the Sikhs do the same with their Gurus. Whenever they feel they need the help or counselor-at-law of one of the Gurus, they simply pray to them. As well as praying to these Gurus, th...

History Of Baulhkam Hills :: essays research papers

About Baulkham cumulussBaulkham Hills, located approximately 29km northeasterly West of Sydney, is one of the largest suburbs in surface battleground and population at bottom the Hills with a population of 33,661 people (Census 2001). Baulkham Hills as a suburb not including Bella facial expression makes up roughly 24% of the total population (139,404) of the Baulkham Hills Shire. 23,282 people were innate(p) in Australia and 25,855 speak side of meat only. 30,179 live in separated houses as opposed to other forms such(prenominal) as flats, units or townhouses. (Census 2001) Baulkham Hills Town spunk includes Stockland Mall, The Bull n Bush Hotel and a number of street shops. Baulkham Hills is the home of Norwest stock Park which is rapidly becoming the main business centre within the Hills. Norwest Business Park includes retail, commercial, industrial and hotel developments. For example Norwest Marketown, Norwest International Hotel and the Hills Christian manner Centre . Baulkham Hills is also the home to Baulkham Hills TAFE College and a number of private and public schools. bill of BAULKHAM HILLS There are some(prenominal)(prenominal) versions of how this field of operation between Castle Hill and Parramatta was take a leakd. The most likely source is its resemblance to the county of Roxburgh, between Scotland and England, which shares a equivalent name, Buckholm Hills, the home of one of the areas earliest settlers. Andrew McDougall, who arrived in Sydney in 1798 from Roxburgh, was one of several settlers to receive admits in the area in 1799. He called his 150 acre grant Roxburgh third house. The estate remained in the family until 1876 and Roxburgh Hall was built in 1860. Andrew McDougall was one of the trustees ordained when 3,000 acres were set aside as Baulkham Hills Common in 1804. The name has been officially recognised since 1802. mavin of the earliest land grants in the area was the 30 acres devoted to George Best in 1796. He belatedly gained more land until he had 185 acres.The oldest farm-house in the area is Joyce Farmhouse in Valerie Crescent, dear Seven Hills. It was built in 1804 by William Joyce, destroyed by open fire and rebuilt in 1806, and used as an inn between 1811 and 1826. Joyce had received his 30 acre grant in about 1794. One of the oldest pioneer families in Parramatta came into this area when George Suttor received a grant of 186 acres in 1802 and advanced on the property, which he called Chelsea Farm, after his place of origin in London.History Of Baulhkam Hills essays research document About Baulkham HillsBaulkham Hills, located approximately 29km North West of Sydney, is one of the largest suburbs in area and population within the Hills with a population of 33,661 people (Census 2001). Baulkham Hills as a suburb not including Bella Vista makes up about 24% of the total population (139,404) of the Baulkham Hills Shire. 23,282 people were born in Australia and 25,855 speak English only. 30,179 live in separated houses as opposed to other forms such as flats, units or townhouses. (Census 2001) Baulkham Hills Town Centre includes Stockland Mall, The Bull n Bush Hotel and a number of street shops. Baulkham Hills is the home of Norwest Business Park which is rapidly becoming the main business centre within the Hills. Norwest Business Park includes retail, commercial, industrial and hotel developments. For example Norwest Marketown, Norwest International Hotel and the Hills Christian Life Centre. Baulkham Hills is also the home to Baulkham Hills TAFE College and a number of private and public schools.History of BAULKHAM HILLS There are several versions of how this area between Castle Hill and Parramatta was named. The most likely reason is its resemblance to the county of Roxburgh, between Scotland and England, which shares a similar name, Buckholm Hills, the home of one of the areas early settlers. Andrew McDougall, who arrived in Sydney in 1798 from Rox burgh, was one of several settlers to receive grants in the area in 1799. He called his 150 acre grant Roxburgh Hall. The estate remained in the family until 1876 and Roxburgh Hall was built in 1860. Andrew McDougall was one of the trustees appointed when 3,000 acres were set aside as Baulkham Hills Common in 1804. The name has been officially recognised since 1802. One of the earliest land grants in the area was the 30 acres given to George Best in 1796. He slowly gained more land until he had 185 acres.The oldest farm-house in the area is Joyce Farmhouse in Valerie Crescent, near Seven Hills. It was built in 1804 by William Joyce, destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1806, and used as an inn between 1811 and 1826. Joyce had received his 30 acre grant in about 1794. One of the oldest pioneer families in Parramatta came into this area when George Suttor received a grant of 186 acres in 1802 and advanced on the property, which he called Chelsea Farm, after his birthplace in London.