Monday, February 18, 2019

Water in the Baptismal Ceremony :: Theology Essays

Water in the baptismal Ceremony In the baptismal ordinance piss is used during the baptism voice of the ceremony. At this point the priest pours blessed water over the forehead of the baby three times whilst saying, (Name), I baptize you in the image of the father, and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Water is a powerful symbol. It is alike a rich symbol it makes things clean. It is also a symbol of life and death. Without water plants, animals and humans would not be able to survive (life). It is a mutual opposition of destruction, causes floods and it can cause death through drowning. In the sacrament of baptism it is also a sign of life and death. Death in that it is death to pilot light sin and octogenarian life of sin before baptism. Life in that it is a stark naked life with God as a Christian free from sin. In the bible water has taken part in many miracles, including, Noah and the great flood, Moses and the red sea, delivery boy walks on water and Jesus calms a storm. The story of Moses and the red sea is very relevant when talk of the town about Baptism. Before Moses parted the sea he and the Israelites had been living in their old life of slavery. After they reached the other side of the water they had begun their upstart life of freedom. When they passed through the water death was brought to their old life and they had begun their new life, just when being name. In baptism when blessed with the water death is brought to the catechumens old life and they begin their new life. The White Garment. In the baptismal ceremony the priest clothes the catechumen with a white garment, usually a shawl. He then says, See in this white garment an outbound sign of Christian Dignity. The white garment represents putting on Christ. The parents, divinity fudge parents and friends then promise to, by their words and examples, help the newly baptized child to bring that dignity unstained int o the Heavenly eternal life.

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