Friday, May 10, 2019

Individual Annotated Bibliography (IAB) (5 articles) Assignment

Individual Annotated Bibliography (IAB) (5 articles) - Assignment ExampleThe paper is a theatrical of annotated biography towards conducting serious research on ethical principles. Banerjee, S. B 2008, Corporate Social Responsibility The Good, the severity and the Ugly, Critical Sociology, Vol. 34 no.1, pp. 51-79. The picture of corporate kind responsibleness is relative in various(a) business environments. This is because CSR handles various activities as well as provide varied regulations with an aim of providing sustainability in corporate citizenship. Consequently, it is relative due to varied social responsibilities and curtailed interests, which can legitimize or motivate the power of big corporations. In order to bring out the difference, Banerjee came up with an article, which looks at corporate responsibility from diverse angles. This is weighty in the larn of ethical standards for deeper understanding and awareness creation. Banerjee provides a segmented description of corporate discourses that prepare applied in the process of satisfying varied social responsibilities (Banerjee 2008, pp. 52). In as much as diverse interpretation of ethical standards prevails, it is emancipator for serious corporate citizenship as a means of social responsibility. ... This is the same case scenario with 2002 Charles Perrow journal, which described the result of incorporating political, social and economic forces to be a legal revolution. match to Banerjee, social responsibilities require jurisdictions that regulate corporate powers within an institution. This is because reverse of sovereign prerogative leads to a crisis of responsibility forcing unethical business practices. This also includes the period for providing services to the public in a bid to practise corporate powers. Corporate social responsibility, therefore, plays significant role in identifying and formulating jurisdiction, as well as a mode of operation. This is extremely influential in the s tudy of ethics as it provides relevant information on awareness and detailed research (Banerjee 2008, pp. 60). The journal, in addition, provides defined relationship to corporate social responsibilities with respect to stakeholders and sustainability. This is to fit no confusion existence in conducting research. It also equips learner with the basic knowledge required for the study of ethical principles. For instance, the journal provides the definition of corporate social ethics according to the world business council (Banerjee 2008, pp. 62). This is decisive for research as it gives the link between various stakeholders including the local community, employees and the society. From this perspective, it is a commitment towards ensuring a common working environment. This is different from the Australian standards association, which associates corporate social responsibility to compliance with set rules and regulations. In this instance, the journal plays a significant role in pr oviding an all round definition of

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