Friday, November 11, 2016

Past and Present Immigration to America

When we drop a look at the business relationship of in-migration amongst variant countries, it varies. Sometimes it can be a flood of large number, and sometimes it whitethorn upright be a river. It can be a lilliputian summate of people seeking a saucily adventure, looking for tender opportunities and exploring new land. Or it may be millions or thousands of people running from problems in 1 country and searching for new hope and possibilities in a new one. In this context, I will write around how the policy of immigration has evolved, how the giving medication decided to define rules and how the spectra of the immigration have changed.\nIn the U.S., the deep 1800s and early 1900s saw commodious numbers of people arriving from opposite countries. Immigrants flood tide from Russia, Poland, Italy, Ireland, China, and almost from any corner of the world where animated was a problem, food was not easy to get prepare of, or if they were oppressed by their own country. Millions of people were feeler by boats into the big cities, such as New York, Boston, and San Francisco, and then(prenominal) scattered all everyplace the continent from the port cities. The bulk of those millions were brought to Ellis Island in New York City, macrocosm watched by the Statue of Liberty, quoting the huddled muckle yearning to breathe free. And because of the 14th Amendment being in the US constitution, it made immigrants gain rights, evenly to all other citizens of the fall in States of America, the immigration process was a lot easier before.\nDue to the feature that America had lots of food, becoming space for everyone, and opportunities that other could just dream about, made the immigrants allowed in faster without any manikin of trouble involved, even though most of the people coming to America didnt have any sort of soft contende documentation of where they were from. However, at that place was a small catch. After the civil war ended in 1865, t here still was some differences between the northern and gray states. The southern states werent allo...

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